Unable to communicate with GroupWise WebAccess Agent

  • 7000451
  • 22-May-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise WebAccess 7


This error appears on the Webaccess Login Page when user tries to Login. It is observed generally this problem occurs when the GroupWise Agent is on one server and the GroupWise Application is on another. Also when you browse to the Webserver \Novell\WebAccess folder there would be multiple Commgr.fg.001 and so on.


This happens due to some communication problem in between the GroupWise WebAccess Agent, WebAccess Application and the PostOffice Agent.
1)Open ConsoleOne
2) Right click on the WebAccess agent and go to Properties
3)Click on the GroupWise Tab->NetWork Address
4) Toggle the IPAddress to DNS Host Name or DNS Host Name to IPAddress and see if it able to resolve it successfully. Click on Apply and close.
5) Now browse to WebServer\Novell\WebAccess and move all the Commgr.cfg.001 and 002 to a different folder. Incase if you are not able to move this file then Shutdown the WebAccess agent and Application and then move the files.
6) Restart both the GroupWise WebAccess Agent as well as GroupWise WebApplication Server.
7) If still it gives the same error , edit webacc.cfg file ( which you will find in sys:\novell\webaccess folder for netware and /opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess folder for linux ) and just above Provider.default=GWAP line add the line :" Provider.GWAP.Default.address.1=IP_Address_Of_Webaccess_Agent_Server: port_used_by_it.
8) Restart webserver , Application and Webaccess Agent.