Notify not working for proxied users

  • 7000440
  • 21-May-2008
  • 06-Jun-2013


Novell GroupWise 7


User does not receive any notifications from a proxied resource located on same post office.
Users cannot receive notifications from proxied resource when located on different post office.


Updated June 6th 2013 - Fixes have been added to GroupWise 8.  Currently Cross PostOffice notifications are still unsupported, and are being considered for the future.

This is considered working as designed.  Cross Post Office notifications were never designed into the system.  Currently Development has updated the error message and will consider designing a component to handle cross Post Office notifications in a future release of GroupWise.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:
On the first post office:
1) Create one user (User_A) and one resource (Res_1).
In the test that was run, User_A also was the owner of Res_1. This should not matter, but for these steps assume that User_A owns Res_1.
2) Log into Res_1's mailbox.
3) Select Tools on the menu bar, go into Options at the bottom, double click the Security button. The two tabs that need to have permissions set are the Notify tab, and the Proxy Access tab.
4) In the Proxy Access tab Make sure that the user(s) with proxy access have "Subscribe to my alarms" and "Subscribe to my notifications" enabled.
5) In the Notify tab, User_A should already have their name in the Notification list, if not use the address book icon to browse to User_A or any other user, make sure the user is selected in the right hand column and hit ok. Select the Notify options for the user, Subscribe to alarms, and Subscribe to notification.
6) Restart the client.
7) Log in as User_A and make sure Notify is started.
8) Send an email to Res_1, wait a few Minutes. No notification will appear.
9) Proxy into Res_1 and send another email to Res_1, wait a few minutes. No notification will appear, even though there are two new emails, one of which has arrived since User_A was proxied.
10) Log out as User_A and Log back in as Res_1, notifications for the emails will now appear in Notify.