CIFS connection fails with Novell Client installed on the workstation

  • 7000438
  • 20-May-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Windows XP with Novell Client 4.91sp4
Windows Vista with the Novell Client for Windows Vista
NetWare server configured for CIFS


Mapping to NetWare server fails via Net Use or via UNC path.

Workstation attempts NCP connection to the server instead of a CIFS connection.


Change network provider order to list the Microsoft client first.

CIFS was designed for workstations that do not have the Novell Client installed. When the Novell Client is installed it is placed first in the list of network providers. Thus having the Novell Client installed will result in an NCP connection being attempted before a CIFS connection is tried.

On workstations that do not have the Novell Client, when a request for a network resource is made MUP.SYS will passes the request to the only network provider that has been installed - the Microsoft client. In this case a connection to a NetWare resource can only be made via CIFS.

On workstations that do have the Novell Client installed, a decision must be made regarding which network provider to use. MUP.SYS receives the request for a network resource and passes it to the first listed network provider. Thus with the Novell Client installed and first in the list, a request must first go to the Novell Client (which connects to NetWare via NCP) , and then to the MS client (which connects to NetWare via CIFS).

Note that this recommendation is an exception to the general rule. Novell typically recommends leaving the Novell Client first in the list of network providers. NCP communications are slower when the Microsoft Client is first because the MS client must time out before any request is forwarded to the Novell Client.