Using drag-n-drop to remove a large attachment file purges the file from the hard drive.

  • 7000408
  • 16-May-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7


Sending a message with an attachment that excedes the Message Size Limit, reports the following error:
ERROR: "Message Size Limit Exceeded"
Using drag and drop to remove the large attachment, purges the file from the drive.


Use the delete key to remove the large attachment from the GroupWise message attachment window.
This only happens when dragging the attachment back into it's original folder and after getting the "Message Size Limit Exceeded" Error.
Fixed in GroupWise Bonsai

Additional Information

Steps to Dup:
- You must have Disk Space Management enabled with a Maximum Send Message Size.
- Send a message with an attachment that excedes the size limit.
- You will receive the following error
ERROR: "Message Size Limit Exceeded"
- Remove the attachment by drag-n-dropping the attachment back into the same folder it originated in.
- Attachment file is removed from the drive.
- Notice the file disappears from the desktop yet remains displayed in the GW Msg Attachment window. You will need to remove the attachment using the delete key.