Corrupt print jobs when printing via Pharos Uniprint

  • 7000355
  • 12-May-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Line Printer Daemon protocol - LPD
Line Printer Remote protocol - LPR

Set up as follows:

iPrint Client ->
NetWare 6.5 SP7 + NDPS Gateway (NDPSGW) + Printer Agent ->
Via LPD ->
Pharos Uniprint running on Microsoft Windows 2003 ->
Physical Printer


Using the above configuration, print jobs get missed, half done, corrupt, etc.


Customer reported that further testing showed that iPrint spooling to a Windows server running LPD (i.e. the Native Print services for Unix) does not display this corruption.

The corruption appears to be a as a result of the LPR/LPD communication between Novell LPR and the Pharos LPD service, which is not seen with the Native Windows LPD.

As part of the troubleshooting process, adding THROTTLE=2 parameter to the agent (per KB 3233501) fixes this issue but slows things down causing a backlog of print jobs. This is to be expected as the THROTTLE switch is designed to slow down the print job in order to allow the receiving LPD service, in this case Pharos Uniprint, to keep up. Printer pooling can be used to set up multiple LPD paths to the server to compensate for the throttle delay.

Additional Information

The problem initially appeared to occur after the NetWare server was upgraded from SP6 to SP7. However, the Windows server running Uniprint was virtualised at around the same time so it is possible that some latency was introduced into the system which caused, or contributed to, this problem.