How to manually uninstall iManager 2.7 on a Linux server

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  • 09-May-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iManager 2.7


The install for iManager 2.7 on Linux (iManagerInstallLinux.bin) will attempt to uninstall iManager 2.7 if you try to reinstall it over an existing version. There are cases where this uninstall will fail.


The follow steps are for a Linux server with iManager 2.7 installed, however they do NOT apply to an OES2 server and should not be used on an OES2 server.

1. Stop Tomcat5 (/etc/init.d/novell-tomcat5 stop)
2 rpm -e --nodeps novell-imanager novell-plugin-base

3. If there is an nps directory in /var/opt/novell/tomcat5, then
mv /var/opt/novell/tomcat5/nps /var/opt/novell/tomcat5/deleted-nps

4. Run the following four commands:

rpm -e --nodeps novell-tomcat5
rpm -e --nodeps novell-base
rpm -e --nodeps novell-tomcat5-webapps
rpm -e novell-jdk

5. Rename the following files:

mv /var/opt/novell/tomcat5 /var/opt/novell/deleted-tomcat5
mv /var/opt/novell/iManager /var/opt/novell/deleted-iManager
mv /var/opt/novell/novlwww /var/opt/novell/deleted-novlwww
mv /etc/opt/novell/iManager /etc/opt/novell/deleted-iManager
mv /etc/opt/novell/tomcat5 /etc/opt/novell/deleted-tomcat5
mv /opt/novell/tomcat5 /opt/novell/deleted-tomcat5
mv /opt/novell/iManager /opt/novell/deleted-iManager
mv /etc/opt/novell/registry /etc/opt/novell/deleted-registry

6. Reinstall iManager

7. Once iManager is reinstalled and working fine, remove the following files

rm -rf /var/opt/novell/deleted-tomcat5
rm -rf /var/opt/novell/deleted-iManager
rm -rf /var/opt/novell/deleted-novlwww

rm -rf /etc/opt/novell/deleted-iManager
rm -rf /etc/opt/novell/deleted-tomcat5
rm -rf /etc/opt/novell/deleted-registry

rm -rf /opt/novell/deleted-tomcat5
rm -rf /opt/novell/deleted-iManager/

Additional Information

How to reinstall iManager on aOES2 Linux server, please see TID 7003152.

Change Log

4/22/2011 - Added the --nodeps in step #1.  Made it easier to run some of the other rpm commands via cut and paste.