iCM Add button opens blank window

  • 7000333
  • 21-Mar-2012
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for NetWare
Internet Explorer


A blank object selector window is opened after clicking the Add button under the "Printers to install" section within the iCM (iPrint Client Management) task.  The expected result is to see the ability to browse throughout the tree to find iPrint printers.

The lower Add button, under the "Printers to remove" section, works as expected.
This problem occurs with Internet Explorer, and not Mozilla Firefox.


Workaround 1:  Use Firefox
Workaround 2:  Remove the Advanced Selection feature from this Add button.
  1. From the server hosting iManager, make a back up of
  2. Open ICMPrinterPage.jsp within a text editor.
  3. Remove these lines from the .jsp file:

c.set("OS.AdvancedSelection", "true");
c.set("OS.AdvSelCriteria", "<selection-criterion><types><id>NDPS Printer</id></types><group><row>" +
   "<attribute>NDPS Printer XRI</attribute><operation>AS.Op.isPresent</operation>" +


The cause is not known.  This issue has been reported only once.  The resolution listed in this TID removes the Advanced Selection option, which is not essential to this feature's functionality.