Sender's e-mail address is changed when sending e-mail from Microsoft Outlook Express

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  • 06-May-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Microsoft Outlook Express 6


When Outlook Express is used to send the e-mail, The sender's e-mail is altered from the Preferred mail address format [Which is set to at ConsoleOne user's propety > Internet Addressing > Preferred Address Format value is typed not selected as user1.last1] i.e. and receiver sees the address as

If mail is sent via the GroupWise client the sender's e-mail address is displayed Correctly as


Reported to engineering.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate

1. In Internet Addressing Set Userid@Internet Domain Name as only allowed Email Address.

2. Set the Userid@Internet Domain Name as Preferred Address.

3. In user Properties Internet Addressing Override the Email Address on the User object to example first.lastname (don't use the rule firstname.lastname, wrote it manually to the preferred Email ID type it mane.g.

4. Connect with a GroupWise Client. Send an e-mail to the user.

5. Connect with the Outlook Connector. Check the sender's Address it will be

6. Login to the GroupWise for Outlook Client OR drop an e-mai via Telnet to the GWIA.

With Following command,

telnet [GWIA Server IP address] 25

Ehlo mail


Data this is test mail .


We see in the GroupWise Client that the Created by Field (Goupwise Cient Mail properties ) will be userid@internetdomain [e.g. instead the defined]

You see the userid@internetdomain as E-mail Address in the Outlook Connector.

If you check Email over IMAP the E-mail address is userid@internetdomain.

Here we should get the sender's e-mail displayed as firsname.lastnmae@internet domain name e.g.

We can see that if we send e-mail directly from GroupWise client then it works normally and displays sender's e-mail as defined in Preferred E-mail address in the User Properties Internet Addressing Tab.