Slow Phone / PDA / Device after installing GMS client

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  • 02-May-2008
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7 Support Pack 1 or later
Novell GroupWise Mobile Server 2


Setting user limits in GroupWise Mobile Server

Slow Phone / PDA / Device after installing GMS client
Phone / PDA becomes slow after syncing large number of contacts
Phone / PDA hangs or slows down when trying to access GMS contacts
Phone / PDA hangs or freezes when trying to access GMS contacts
Selecting a contact from the address book while composing an email slows down the Device / Phone / PDA
User recieves a warning message indicating that the server's storage limit requirements have been reached
Unable to synchronize an item from GMS to the Phone / PDA


Corrective Actions:
Make sure to limit the number of contacts that are synced to the phone. GroupWise Mobile Server client is not designed to handle large number of contacts or other synced items. The amount of syned items that can be used successfully depends on the individual item. Even contacts can vary in size depending on how much information the contact contains

Please follow the steps listed below to set the size limits according to Nokia recommendation
1. Click Start | Programs | Intellisync Mobile Suite | Admin Console
2. Expand Intellisync Mobile Suite | Profile Settings | Email Accelerator | Email Accelerator User | Default
3. Right Click on Default and select Properties
4. Click Size Limits
5. Put a check mark on "Enforce size limits"
6. Set the limits as mentioned below

Warning Level Maximum
Inbox 3000 5000
Sent Items 3000 5000
Drafts 3000 5000
Outbox 1000 3000
Contacts 1500 2500
Calendar 1500 2500
Notes 1500 2500
Tasks 1500 2500

If the maximum size of any item being synced to the phone has hit the total combined limit, GroupWise Mobile Server will prevent the item from syncing. Please note that older phones may have even less physical memory then the combined totals in the Maximum column.

It should be noted that in server build versions of or newer, that the max size of emails is now 1 MB for all new installs. This is as designed by Nokia.

Workaround Steps:
If the addresses are needed while composing a mail from GMS, please create these addresses in the GroupWise Address Book by following the steps listed below
1. Create a Non-GroupWise Domain
2. Create a Non-GroupWise Post Office
3. Create External Users in the Non-GroupWise Post Office and set the "Internet Addressing" in the properties to point to their actual mail address
Please refer to for more information on creating External Users
Once the above is done, then using LDAP GAL Lookup, these users can be searched while composing a mail

Additional Information

Though the enforcing of these limits can be disabled or even raised, it is not recommended as it can result in the Device / Phone / PDA working slowly or even hanging