Hidden switches for GroupWise 7 Exchange Gateway

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  • 01-May-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


GroupWise 7 Exchange Gateway


There are 3 startup switches that can be added to the gwexch.cfg file that are not documented in the Exchange gateway documentation. The gwexch.cfg file is located in the domain\wpgate\gateway directory.


/CNGuid - This switch makes it so that the CN in active directory is the GUID of the user. i.e. When you look in Active Directory, the name of the Contact that you see in the GroupWise container will be the GUID. Since the GUID does not change, the CN will not be deleted and recreated when a user is renamed.

/IncludeGuid - This switch causes the gateway to include the GUID as a custom attribute. You will see this attribute when you click on the Contact, Click the "Exchange Advanced" tab, and click on "Custom Attributes". It will be extensionAttribute12.

/SyncGWSMTPAddress - This causes the SMTP address of the user to sync over to the Exchange side. You will see this attribute when you click on the Contact, and click on the email addresses.
Note: There is something that you need to be aware of with the /SyncGWSMTPAddress switch. Let's say that Novell.com, who is GroupWise, bought Cambridge.com, who is Exchange, and we link the 2 through the gateway. By default, when jdoe from Novell.com synchronizes to Cambridge, the gateway provides no SMTP address, so the default policy on the Exchange side creates one, so I become JohnDoe@Cambridge.com. When using the /SyncGWSMTPAddress switch, when I synchronize over, my SMTP address on the Exchange side is now jdoe@novell.com, which is what people expect.
Make sure you add Cambridge.com (your exchange systems domain name) to your list of IDomains configured in ConsoleOne, otherwise reply messages may go through GWIA instead of through the Exchange gateway, since the GroupWise system won't know that Camebridg.com is a part of the system. One I added Cambridge.com to the list of known IDomains, then the message went through the Exchange gateway as expected.
In ConsoleOne, highligt your GroupWise domain, Select Tools, GroupWise System Operations, Internet Addressing, under Idomains, add your Exchange systems internet domain name.