How to populate the alias field in the Exchange addressbook with userid@domain instead of firstlast

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  • 01-May-2008
  • 01-Jun-2012


GroupWise 7 Exchange Gateway


When synching the addressbook from GroupWise to Exchange, the GroupWise users get created on the Exchange side with firstnamelastname in the alias field. Instead they would like the GW address of to show up in the contacts (exchange address book).


Edit the domain\wpgate\exchangegatewayname\gwexch.cfg file.
Add /SyncGWSMTPAddress
Save the file and restart the gateway
Note: There is something that you need to be aware of with the /SyncGWSMTPAddress switch. Let's say that, who is GroupWise, bought, who is Exchange, and we link the 2 through the gateway. By default, when jdoe from synchronizes to Cambridge, the gateway provides no SMTP address, so the default policy on the Exchange side creates one, so I become When using the /SyncGWSMTPAddress switch, when I synchronize over, my SMTP address on the Exchange side is now, which is what people expect.
Make sure you add (your exchange systems domain name) to your list of IDomains configured in ConsoleOne, otherwise reply messages may go through GWIA instead of through the Exchange gateway, since the GroupWise system won't know that is a part of the system. One I added to the list of known IDomains, then the message went through the Exchange gateway as expected.
In ConsoleOne, Select your GroupWise domain, Select Tools, GroupWise System Operations, Internet Addressing, under Idomains, add your Exchange systems internet domain name.