Error 672 adding NSS Pool or Volume on OES Linux with NetVision installed

  • 7000255
  • 30-Apr-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (Linux based)
NetVision by NetVision - 3rd party security application


Error 672 when updating NDS on an existing Pool/Volume or creating a new Pool/Volume in NSSMU or iManager.

The Pool/Volume exists on the disk but no corresponding NDS objects are created in the tree.


Disable NetVision and then update NDS for an existing Pool/Volume or create the new Pool/Volume.

Additional Information

An LDAP trace shows the authentication completed but fails on the NDAPAddEntry (-672) and NetVision following. NetVision enforces its own rights so even though the server1.admin has the correct eDir rights the object did not have the correct NetVision rights. NetVision blocks the creation of the volume object. Disabling NetVision allows for the object creation.
10:02:33 Auth: [0000b910]<.server1admin.Servers.TREE.> Authenticated. Error success, conn: 1686.
10:02:33 Auth: 4 DSAFinishAuthentication.
10:02:33 Agent: Calling NDAPAddEntry conn:1686 for client .server1admin.Servers.TREE.
10:02:33 Reslv: Connect to tcp: succeeded
10:02:33 Agent: NDAPAddEntry failed, no access (-672).
10:02:33 Agent: Calling DSAGetReplicaRootID conn:923 for client .[Public].
10:02:33 Agent: Calling DSAReadObjectInfo conn:923 for client .[Public].
10:02:33 Agent: Calling DSARead conn:923 for client .[Public].
10:02:33 Agent: Calling DSAResolveName conn:118 for client .Global Event Service Administrator.NetVision Global Event Service.TREE.