Remedies for Personal Address Book Corruption in GroupWise

  • 7000250
  • 30-Apr-2008
  • 08-May-2013


Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 2012


Unable to see the addresses in the Personal Address Book the first time after login
Address Book does not work the first time
Closing and opening the Address Book again displays all the addresses in the Personal Address Book
Personal Address Books cannot be deleted within the client
Garbage Personal Address Books are listed within the client or Webaccess


If simply exporting the Address Book in question and recreating it and importing its members is not possible or working, perform the following Corrective Action:

Corrective Action:

1. Login as the User
2. Click Help | About GroupWise
3 Note down the File ID of the user. It is 3 alphanumeric character after the Userid in brackets
4. Make a backup of Post Office Directory\OFUSER\userxxx.db to the local workstation (where xxx is the File ID noted in step 3)
5. Export all the Personal Address Books
6. Unshare the shared Address Book
7. Log out from the GroupWise Client
8. Launch Standalone GWCheck
9. Database Type - Post Office | Database Path - PathToThePostOfficeDirectory | Post Office Name - NameOfThePostOffice | Object Type - User/Resource
10. User/Resource - userxxx.db (where xxx is the File ID noted in step 3)
11. Action - Analyze/Fix Database
12. Select Contents and Fix Problems
13. In the Database Tab, make sure only User is selected
14. In the Misc Tab, type "PABDELETE" without quotes
15. Click Run. This will delete all the entries from the Personal Address Book
16. Login as the user
17. Import the exported Address Books
18. Share the Address Books that were shared earlier

Additional Information

NOTE: The GWCheck run with the PABDELETE option will also fix D11A errors on the Frequent Contacts book.