Unable to add the OES2 update channel through NCC.

  • 7000219
  • 06-May-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)
Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10
Novell Customer Center (NCC)


A Fully configured and patched SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 (SLES10SP1) is converted, installed into a Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES2) using Yast.
All needed Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 components are installed and configured, running and usable, even after a system restart.

Trying to add OES2 update channel using NCC seems to be impossible.
NCC only requests a SLES10 activation code and seems to ignore the fact that OES2 is now installed.

Executing oes-SPident shows
CONCLUSION: System is up-to-date!
found SLES-10-OES2-i386

Though executing rug products shows
S | Name | Version | Category
i | SUSE_SLES_SP1 | 10.1-0 | add-on

It looks like Novell Open Enterprise Server is available, but not installed, even though all needed OES2 components are installed and configured.


Even though Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 is installed and fully operational, the system -when queried by NCC- is identified as a pure SLES10 installation.

To rectify the situation, proceed as follows:
1. rczmd restart - this to make sure no wrong data is kept in cache
2. rug in -t product OPEN_ENTERPRISE_SERVER - solve the dependencies (if any) and accept.
3. rczmd restart - to make the Zenworks Management Deamon aware of the change.
4. rug products - to verify that OPEN_ENTERPRISE_SERVER is recognized as installed.
S | Name | Version | Category
i | SUSE_SLES_SP1 | 10.1-0 | add-on
i | OPEN_ENTERPRISE_SERVER | 2- | add-on

Run the Novell Customer Center configuration again. This time it should request a activation code for both SLES10 as OES2 and afterwards it should be possible to update both SLES10 and OES2 components.

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