Error: "Failed to configure Novell DNS Services"

  • 7000181
  • 22-Apr-2008
  • 24-Jan-2018


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (Linux based)


YaST OES configuration for Novell DNS fails with error: "Failed to configure Novell DNS Services"


The YaST Novell DNS configuration calls /opt/novell/named/bin/dns-inst to create and configure the objects in the tree. Anything that prevents these objects from being created or prevents the necessary modifications can cause this error.
1. Use the "Novell Schema Tool" YaST module to verify that the schema has been extended for Novell DNS. Schema synchronization and other schema problems can also cause problems with creating the objects.
2. Make sure the novell-bind rpm is up-to-date and verify that it is installed correctly with "rpm -V novell-bind". dns-inst is part of this rpm. Also, this rpm contains other files used in this process, such as /etc/opt/novell/named/root.hint.
3. You can use "Y2DEBUG=1 /sbin/yast2 novell-dns" to start the process with YaST debug enabled. This will increase the verbosity in the y2logs. Search the y2logs (/var/log/YaST2/y2log*) for dns-inst. It is usually in y2log-3 or y2log-4. This will show the dns-inst command executed and the output from the command. If you run the command manually from the command line (include the preceding variables in the command), it will try again and send the output to the console in a more readable format.
4. Capturing a dstrace with the ldap option can also be very useful. This will show the ldap requests to create and modify the objects and the success or failure. First, use iManager or ConsoleOne to modify the LDAP Server object. In iManager go to the Tracing tab. In ConsoleOne go to the Screen Options tab. Select everything except "Packet Dump or Decoding". Next, reload ldap on the server with nldap -u and nldap -l. You can then get the trace with these steps:
  • "ndstrace" at the command line to start the utility
  • "ndstrace off" to stop logging to the screen
  • "set ndstrace=nodebug" to turn off all the options
  • "ndstrace +ldap" to turn on the ldap option
  • "ndstrace on" to start logging to screen and file"
  • Run the Novell DNS configuration to duplicate the problem
  • "ndstrace off" to stop logging
  • "exit" to leave the utility
  • The log file is /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/log/ndstrace.log
5. Go through an eDirectory Health Check to make sure the tree is healthy. For more information, reference KB 3564075.