Apple iOS devices receive a 3 day DHCP lease

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  • 20-Mar-2012
  • 27-Apr-2012


OES Linux
OES NetWare
DHCP server


DHCP server is configured to hand out addresses with a lease time of X.  All platforms seem to receive a lease time that confirms to whatever has been set via the DNS / DHCP management console or iManager.  Apple iOS devices, however, get a three (3) day lease no matter what the lease time is set to.


Working as Designed.

If lease times MUST be limited to a certain time, change the max-lease-time setting at either the subnet or pool level.

Additional Information

Although the DHCP server can be configured to hand out addresses of a certain lease duration by default; this doesn't stop a device from requesting a longer (or shorter) lease.  

iOS devices, for example, request a three (3) day lease time when they make their initial DHCP request.  Since the three day request is not greater than what has been set by the max-lease-time setting at the subnet or pool level, the DHCP server will honor the clients' request.