Italian localization of Teaming breaks the capabilities to expand the Workspace trees

  • 7000153
  • 21-Apr-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Teaming 1.0.2
Italian localization


Selecting to use Italian language for the Teaming portal, cause the "+" symbols normally used to expand the Workspaces tree to stop working.

Is still possible to click on the various workspaces link to directly go in them, but none of the "+" symbols will work anymore.


This has been reported to the Engineering and the fix will be made available with the Teaming Support Pack 3.

Please open a Service Request with Novell Technical Support to obtain instructions on how to fix this on earlier versions.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:

  1. Log in the Teaming Portal as Admin;
  2. From the Top bar select "My Account";
  3. From the mid section of the page select as Language "Italiano (Italia)";
  4. Click the Save button immediately below the Language selection Box you just used
  5. Click "Portale" in the top right corner to go back to the Main Teaming page;
  6. If you now click on the small "+" symbol besides the various workspaces groups in the Teaming Navigator, it will actually work as expected;
  7. From the Top bar select "Esci" to log out from the Teaming Portal;
  8. Log In again as Admin into the Teaming Portal;
  9. Now try to expand the workspaces in the Teaming Navigator using the small "+" symbols:

They lost their functionality, you can access them clicking on the name, but
you cannot anymore expand the tree.