on OES2 Linux does not recognize COW (Copy On Write) in NSS. tsafs SMS

  • 7000136
  • 18-Apr-2008
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (Linux based) OES2 and OES1
Novell SMS
COW (Copy On Write) for NSS


Files would be skipped from the backup with the SMS error FFFDFFF5 when COW was enabled. COW makes a copy of any file that's opened for write. SMS should backup the copy of the file but SMS was not recognizing that COW was enabled on the nss volume. So the open files would be treated as being locked open by another process and skipped with the above error.


04/11/2008 07:34 AM 11,119,618 or later. This library is for OES2 Linux
04/21/2008 08:18 PM 602,175 or later. This liibrary is for OES1 Linux.
Copy the new tsafs library to /opt/novell/lib/ after saving the original libtsafs and then restart smdrd. (rcnovell-smdrd restart) . You will have to reset up the links, and to point to the new libtsafs file.
This update is available from Novell tech support until it's released to the OES channel.