Outlook Connector not saving Customized Views

  • 7000131
  • 05-May-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Microsoft Windows XP - Fully patched
Microsoft Outlook 2003 - Fully patched
GroupWise Backend 7.02 or 7.03
GroupWise Client 7.03
GroupWise Outlook Connector


After customizing Current Views in the Outlook client, the user switches from the Mailbox to the Calender and back.
After switching back, the views have reset to the Outlook client's default setup.
The Outlook client also resets the views when logging out and then back in.


This is believed to have resulted from a issue in GroupWise 7.03, that has been fixed in 7.03HP1.

Additional Information

Using Outlook go into View, Arrange By, Customize Current View as well being set up y going into the define field area and applying the view there.
Change the field settings, by removing and reorganizing some fields as desired.
Hit OK.
Switching over to the calender view and back to the Inbox, the settings that were saved have now reset to the defaults.
Settings are also reset when the client is closed and reopened.

Change Log

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