Disabling the "server" field in the NSL-LDAP GINA

  • 7000118
  • 23-Feb-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin


Is it possible to disable the "server" field in the "advanced" area of the NSL-LDAP (LDAPAuth) GINA?
Is there a registry setting that will gray out or hide the server field in the advanced section of the ldapauth gina?


There is currently no option to disable just the "server" field.  
Hide the "advanced" button in the NSL-LDAP GINA, thus preventing users from accessing anything in the "advanced" area of the LDAPAuth gina.   For details see section 1.18 of tid 3790292 :

1.18 HideAdvanced (6.0 or later)


Advanced authentication fields in the LDAP login dialog box are hidden by default and can be viewed by expanding the login dialog box using the Advanced button. However, you can hide the Advanced button from the end user with the help of this registry configuration. This registry value should be of type REG_DWORD and to be set to 1.