Error ad2b configuring GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) object on Linux

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  • 15-Apr-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


GroupWise 7
GroupWise Internet Agent
Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux)
Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10


Error ad2b during the "Configure GroupWise Internet Agent" process on Linux
Error creating GWIA object on Linux

When configuring the GroupWise Internet Agent on Linux, the configuration works correctly until the GW administrator gets to the "Gateway Object" screen. After entering the "Object name" and "Domain name and context" information, when clicking on the "Next" button, the installer reports an error ad2b


The cause of the ad2b error is that the eDirectory tree somehow did not have all of the necessary GroupWise schema extensions. You can resolve the problem by re-extending the eDirectory schema.

To re-extend the eDirectory schema with the GroupWise extensions, open ConsoleOne and authenticate to the tree, then highlight the tree object, and click Tools > GroupWise Utilities > Check eDirectory Schema...

If you have a problem extending the schema through ConsoleOne, you can also manually re-extend the schema from a Linux or NetWare server that hosts an eDirectory replica. To manually re-extend the schema, use the following process:

Copy the gwschema.sch file (from the /admin directory on a GroupWise software distribution directory or CD) to your sys:\system\schema directory
Load nwconfig on the NetWare server
Select "Directory Options"
Select "Extend Schema"
Login as admin (or admin-equivalent)
Hit to specify a different path
enter sys:\system\schema\gwschema.sch for the path

After that, you can force replication of the schema changes by loading dstrace on that NetWare server and then typing
set dstrace=*ssa
set dstrace=*ssd

You can verify schema synchronization with iMonitor under the Schema section (compare between any two servers that show up in the bottom-left-hand frame).

Once the schema is synchronized, you should be able to install the GWIA by running through the "Configure Internet Agent" on Linux and then specifying the domain name and LDAP context the GroupWise domain

On Linux (SLES or OES), you can manually re-extend the eDirectory schema by running the "ndssch" utilty and pointing it to the gwschema.sch file. That file is not currently included in the Linux distribution of GroupWise, but you can get a copy by downloading any GroupWise 7 NetWare/Windows support pack from (it will be in the root of the /admin directory).

Once you have the gwschema.sch file, open a Terminal window and run ndssch, which should give you a list of options. You will need to provide the admin username and password for the eDirectory tree that you want to extend.

The syntax to run ndssch on the command line should look something like
ndssch -t , as in this example:

ndssch -t OES2-Tree .cn=admin.o=novell /root/gw703/gwschema.sch

You should then be prompted to login to the tree, and when finished, should see a message that says "NDS schema extension complete".