SecureLogin has detected that a password change has occurred

  • 7000098
  • 15-Apr-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
NSL 6.0.x
RDP connection to Windows XP workstation
ICA connection to Citrix server


Message recevied when launching SecureLogin over RDP connection:

SecureLogin has detected that a password change has occurred. For security reasons, it is necessary to log out of windows and log back in.

Message also occurs occasionally when connected to Citrix server using the ICA client

The password has not been changed.  


Fixed in NSL6.0.11 or later.
To obtain this fix go to Search on "SecureLogin," open the list for SecureLogin 6.0.1 and download the current patch.

Steps to reproduce:
- login to XP workstation #1, do not launch NSL
- establish RDP session from workstation #1 to XP Workstation #2, launch NSL
from workstation #2 over the RDP connection
- above error will be presented.