QuickFinder returns a search error "The specified indexes cannot be searched."

  • 7000031
  • 08-Apr-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell QuickFinder
Novell NetWare 6.5


When attempting to perform a search through the QuickFinder search page, an error is returned similar to the following:

Search Error

The specified indexes cannot be searched. Make sure you have properly spelled the index names and the name of the Virtual Search Server.

The request was: site=


The problem likely stems from one of the following possibilities:

  • The index configuration is pointing to the wrong location to read the index files
  • There is a problem with the permissions on the volume hosting the index files
  • The index is corrupted

By default, the search will include all completed indexes. To test the indexes and find which one is giving the error, on the QuickFinder "Advanced Search" page, check the box next to the index to be tested and click the Search button. If you get an error with a specific index, check the properties of the index, especially the "Location of index files" setting, and ensure that it contains valid paths to the QuickFinder indexes. Save any changes if necessary.

After doing this and still getting errors, browse to the location of the index files and find the folder of the problematic index. In that folder, there should be a QFIND.IDX file. Rename this to something else (QFIND.IDX.old1) and then regenerate the index through the QuickFinder Management interface. If you are able to generate the file, it is likely not a permissions issue. After the indexing is complete, attempt to search the index again.

Additional Information

If no results are returned by the search and the index is located on a volume other than SYS:/ volume, add the server as a trustee to the volume with full rights. Tomcat may have to be restarted.