Access Denied error managing Password Filters with IDM 3.5

  • 3975158
  • 23-Jul-2007
  • 10-Jun-2013


Novell Identity Manager 3.5
Novell Identity Manager - Password Synchronization
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Novell Identity Manager Driver - Active Directory


After installing the Active Directory driver on a Windows server running the Engine or Remote Loader attempts to manipulate the filters via the Password Synchronization Control Panel applet result in an Access Denied error when the Windows version is not 2003.


IDM 3.5 added functionality for 64-bit versions of Windows and the calls to manipulate filters that work with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 2003 do not work with Windows 2000.

The current work-around is to use the Password Synchronization applet from IDM 3.0.1. This can be found in the %SYSTEMROOT%\system32 directory on the Windows server and is a .cpl file starting with 'PassSync'. Copying this file from the 3.0.1 installation into the same directory in the 3.5 installation will prevent this Access Denied error and allow the filters to be configured properly. Besides adding 64-bit functionality the applet has not changed significantly since 3.0.1 so using this should not have any adverse affects.

This has been resolved in IDM 3.5.1