eDirectory 8.8.1 upgrade fails with segmentation fault.

  • 3970083
  • 02-Oct-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP1 for Linux
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9


When upgrading from eDirectory to 8.8 SP1 the upgrade fails when it runs " ndsconfig upgrade -j ". After the upgrade the database appears to have completed sucessfully.

5066 Segmentation fault /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/ndsconfig upgrade -j.
Upgrade was unsuccessful for the instance at /%edir_path.


The issue was caused by there being no explicit ipaddress@port defined in the n4u.server.interfaces sections of the /etc/nds.conf file (n4u.server.interfaces= Instead there was only the interface name (n4u.server.interfaces=eth0). As this requires a change to the installation code Novell hopes to address this issue in the next full installation of eDirectory 8.8 (IE., 8.8.2).

The workaround for 8.8 SP2 is to make sure the ipaddress@port format is followed when specifying what interfaces eDirectory will use in the nds.conf file.  This has been resolved in 8.8 SP2.