ABEND on NetWare 6.5 in SP6 with phpMyAdmin

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  • 08-Dec-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6
MySQL 4.0
PHP 5.0.5
Apache Administration on port 2200, using phpMyAdmin


When running SQL queries or browsing a table using the phpMyAdmin interface, the server cleans up the address space ADMINSRV, and the ADMSRVUP.NCF command must be used to start the 2200 port to access the service again.


As of December 1, 2006, there are two ways to work around this issue:
  • Replace the PHPMYSQL.NLM located in the SYS:/PHP5/Ext/ directory with one from SP5.
  • Install updated NSure Audit libraries (e.g. LIBMYSQL.NLM).
Then restart the Apache Administration service (with the ADMSRVDN, followed by an ADMSRVUP command).


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

The reason for this occurring is that, with SP5, ABEND's occurred in the same fashion when using NSure Audit's updated LIBMYSQL.NLM, which had been updated beyond the system's installed libraries. Rewriting the PHPMYSQL.NLM library corrected that, but both libraries failed to make it into Service Pack 6.

Back revving the PHPMYSQL.NLM to SP5's version will correct it, or obtaining the LIBMYSQL.NLM from NSure Audit will bring both versions back into synchronization.