Merge process fails when a fake attribute is defined in the filter

  • 3951779
  • 06-Feb-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.0.1

For logic purposes, a "fake" attribute has been defined in the filter to retrieve information from the connected system. The merge authority for the attribute has been marked as "app".


Error: Code(-9010) An exception occurred: novell.jclient.JCException: getAttributeDef(fakeAttributeName) -603 ERR_NO_SUCH_ATTRIBUTE

Problem is reported when doing the merge process. The merge is aborted and the document with the original transaction is replaced with the error message.


The way merge authority is handled was changed between IDM2 and IDM3 to allow notify attributes to participate in the merge if the merge authority was set to to app or edir.
Due to the fact that the attribute is marked to have a merge authority of "app", there is an aditional check on the engine to control for the existance of a value in eDirectory and that process fails, aborting the operation.

It doesn't make sense to specify a merge authority value for a fake attribute. Simply leaving the merge authority definition as"default" or "none" resolve the issue. To do so, follow these steps:
  1. With iManager or Designer open the driver's Filter.
  2. Mark the "fake" attribute you have defined.
  3. On the right, the options for that attribute will be displayed. In the "Merge Authority" section change the value to "Default"
  4. (for Designer only) Save the changes and deploy them (with the Live|Deploy option)
  5. Restart the driver for the changes to take effect.