How to manually free up ZPM licenses

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  • 09-Mar-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Patch Management - ZPM


Licensesneed to be freed up due to the following reasons:
A workstation was re-imaged before agent was un-installed.
A workstation was powered off then rebuilt with a same or different OS, before agent was un-installed.
A workstation was unable to communicate with the local ZPM server while an agent un-install was preformed.


The proper way to remove agents that have registered with the local ZPM server, is to un-install the agent while it is still able to communicate with the ZPM server. This will free up the license and remove all information from the database. If this was no done, please follow the steps below:
Disabling a device releases the agent license used by the agent installed on the device and makes it available to the system. Once disabled, the agent on the device ceases communication with Patch Management Server and is no longer included in the patch management activities of the ZENworks Patch Management Server.
** Note this is taken from theZPM Online Documentation page 126
To Disable a Device
  1. In theDeviceslist, select one or multiple devices
  2. In theActionmenu, clickDisable
  3. In theConfirmationdialog box, clickOKThe device is displayed in the list of devices identified with thedisabledicon in the status column
This is the same process for ZPM 6.2 or ZPM 6.3
A new feature in ZPM 6.3 is the Absentee Agent Management
Absentee Agent Management allows ZENworks Patch Management Server to automatically delete Agents that are unresponsive for a set number of days. A value of zero disables this function.
** Note this is taken from theZPM Online Documentation page 126