Novell ZCM Patch Management License Troubleshooting

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  • 11-Feb-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management
Patch Management


Problems registering a Patch Management license.
Expired license has recently been renewed
Renewed license data is not showing on the Subscription server license check.


Patch Management works during the ZCM free trial period. There is no need to enter a serial number during this evaluation period. Once the license is activated it is "locked in" and cannot be changed but can be renewed and extended.  If the renewal / extended information is not updated and seen by the ZCM Patch Management server license Verification, this is a NCC (Novell Customer Center) issue and must be addressed by NCC, or NCC Escalation, and not Technical Support.  License renewal / extention issues are not Technical Support issues.
Note: If you set the ZCM license, then you must also set the Patch Management license.
For people who want to disable Patch Management, the feature automatically disables after 60 days, or when you enter a valid ZCM license key. If you enter a PatchLink subscription serial number – that serial number controls whether patch is "on” or "off”. People with an expired serial number effectively have patch in a fully disabled state. Nothing more will be downloaded at that point in time.
Once the product is purchased, if there are problems entering the license:
  • Check network connectivity to the internet (
  • Set the proxy (if required).
  • Check the screenshots below. NOTE: The x values should NOT be entered. They are in the graphic to disguise the serial number used.
Figure 1
An example where the customer has a valid serial number but can't reach PLHost.
ZCM is in 60 day trial period.
The serial number is not locked if the Serial Number, Company Name and Email Address fields accept input.
Figure 2
An example where the customer has a valid serial number and can reach PLHOST.
ZCM is in 60 day trial period.
Patch Management will work until 3/23/08.
The serial number is locked in.