Sentinel: Crystal Report list is not updating after loading new reports in the publishing wizard.

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  • 25-Jan-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Crystal Enterprise 9
Crystal Enterprise 10
Sentinel 5.x


Reports are not populated in the Analysis and Advisor tab of the Sentinel Control Center.


Analysis and Advisor

Symptom (1)

In the Analysis or Advisor tab, Crystal Report list is not updated after loading new reports through Crystal Publishing Wizard.

Possible Cause

Reporting Configurations window under the Admin tab has not been updated.

To update Crystal Reporting Configurations

1.Go to the Admin Tab, highlight General Options, click Modify > Refresh (Analysis URL and/or Advisor URL) > Save.

2.Logout of Sentinel Control Center and Log back in.

Symptom (2)

You are getting general Crystal errors (such as pageserver or database errors).

Possible Cause

Hotfixes and Service Patch have not been installed. For more information, see the Crystal Reports Chapter in the Sentinel Install Guide.

Symptom (3)

Analysis or Advisor tab, while running reports, you get one of the following error messages:

"Crystal Reports: Print Engine Error [On Cache/Page Server: .pageserver]"


"Error encountered by Crystal Page Server. Max processing time/Max records limit reached. [On Cache/Page Server]".

Possible Cause

Page Server has a default limit of 20,000 records.

To increase your limit of 20,000 records

1.Start > Programs > Crystal Enterprise > Crystal Configuration Manager. Right-click on Crystal Page Server and select Stop.

2.Right-click on Crystal Page Server and select properties. In the Command field under the Properties tab, at the end of the command line add ?maxDBResultRecords

3.Restart Crystal Page Server.

For more information, go to:

NOTE: As of publication of this document, the above URL was correct.

Symptom (4)

During Advisor startup, Advisor exits due to detecting an already running Advisor process.

Possible Cause

Due to an abnormal shutdown such as a power outage, a .lock file is present in the Advisor feed directories.

To delete Advisor .lock files

1.Go to /alert and to /attack and delete the .lock file.

NOTE: Location of your Advisor Data Feed Directory can be found in $ESEC_HOME/sentinel/config/alertcontainer.xml or $ESEC_HOME/sentinel/config/attackcontainer.xml under property