CR - How can I view currently purchased or registered activation codes?

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  • 27-Oct-2006
  • 16-Mar-2012




Customer would like to see a full list of all the current registrations linked to their login account.


There are two primary resources available for managing Linux activation codes:
  1. The Novell Customer Center
Access the Customer Care Center by visiting . After logging-in to a Novell account, choose "Products and Subscriptions" to view the purchases associated with this account.

  1. The SUSE LINUX Portal
Access the SUSE LINUX Portal by visiting and selecting "SUSE LINUX Portal" from the left navigation. To view the activation codes registered with a Novell account, select"View Products and Administer Users" and login. A list of active and expired activation codes are listed, along with their expiration dates.

An activation code is not active and providing access to downloads and updates until it appears in the SUSE LINUX Portal. Go to TID# 3351162 for instructions on registration.