Worklist and Navigator panes in the Sentinel Control Center are not visible.

  • 3938103
  • 10-Mar-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Sentinel 6.0.xx Sentinel Control Center
Sentinel 6.0.xx


The 'Navigator' and 'Worklist' frames in the Sentinel Control Center (SCC) can be docked along the side of the SCC or can be closed to save room. If they are closed and the preferences are then saved before the SCC is closed these frames do not reappear when the SCC is reloaded. This prevents the use of the content in these frames for this user. This setting is per-user in the Sentinel system.


This has been resolved with the latest patch for the SCC. This can also be resolved by loading the SCC after modifying the startup script ( or control_center.bat) and adding the ' -nopref' option (without quotes) after the console.jar. This loads the SCC without the preferences stored in the Sentinel system and allows the previously-hidden frames to be displayed again.


Reported to Engineering