Deleter name not showing up when trying to salvage files

  • 3925469
  • 21-Nov-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 1 SP2


When going to salvage files on an OES 1 SP2 NSS volume, the deleter name is not showing up.
Deleter name shows up as "Not Available" when trying to salvage files.


This problem was found and fixed in the following patch from OES patch channel.
Patch-11529- Fixed file deleter ID for salvageable files problem (150960)
The RPM package needs to be novell-ncpserv-2.0-24 or newer.
Need to LUM enable the user and group to allow the deleter name to show up properly.
- For user quotas, trustees, ownership, etc to work normally the user MUST be LUM enabled.
Note: This is the case for OES1 and NOT OES2. 

Additional Information

Considerations when using NSS on OES Linux.
Novell Storage Services and LUM
- Novell Storage Services uses eDirectory GUIDs internally
- Linux passes UIDs to Novell Storage Services
- LUM enabled users link the eDirectory user to a Linux UID
- For user quotas, trustees, ownership, etc to work normally the user MUST be LUM enabled.
- NCP can work with non-LUM enabled users with some limitations (owner, modifier, archiver and deleter are all root; user quotas will not work
OES2 considerations:
Users must be enabled for Linux in order to access the NSS volume on Linux with non-NCP protocols or via NetStorage for Linux
User Quotas, Trustees, and ownership on NSS volumes appear to work fine without LUM enabling users.
OES2 SP1 Considerations:
LUM is required for:
- Domain Services for Windows (I think putting the user in the DSfW container does this automatically.)
- Samba
- Linux Services, utilities, and protocols (And the service must also be LUM enabled.)
Otherwise, all NSS features work without being LUM-enabled, including using Novell CIFS for Linux and Novell AFP for Linux.