SecureLogin Web application definitions do not work with Internet Explorer

  • 3916924
  • 24-Aug-2007
  • 30-Jan-2017


Novell SecureLogin

NSL 6.x

NSL 7.x



SecureLogin does not recognize web applications
IE Scripts do not execute
Windows apps and startup scripts work fine

Third party browser extensions had been disabled in Internet Explorer.
SecureLogin is browser helper object, and needs to be enabled as a"third party browser extension.”


Verify that iesso is included as an "add on" in Internet Explorer, and that third party browser extensions are enabled for IE, as follows:

1. Launch IE, click on tools, manage add ons. Verify that IESSOObject Class (filename iesso.dll) is listed with status"enabled”under "Add ons currently loaded.” (If iesso is not listed, reinstall SecureLogin)

2. In IE click Tools, Internet Options, Advanced. In the "Browser” section check the box to Enable third party browser extensions