User Profile loads, unloads and reloads

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  • 13-Nov-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell Client for Windows 4.91 with post sp3 patches
Novell Client for Windows 4.91 sp4
Behavior occurs with or without Zenworks installed


NWGINA.DLL loads the user's profile twice
Behavior occurs even during a non-ZENworks-enabled workstation login.

User profile is loaded, unloaded and reloaded.


This is working as designed.

NWGINA.DLL is shared by the Novell Client and by Zen for Desktops.
This is the current ZENworks behavior in NWGINA.DLL.

Zen loads the user's profile to provide the opportunity to make registry changes and such that will be in effect /for the current login/. Zen can't wait and just reference the registry after Windows itself is loading the user's profile, because by then it's "too late" and EXPLORER.EXE and such are already running and any registry changes to be made would not take effect until the next bootup.

By loading the profile, making the changes, unloading the profile, and then letting Windows run its normal course of loading the user's profile and loading the desktop, ZENworks is able to effect registry/policy changes that are honored even for the logon session that we're in the midst of starting up.