Dsrepair -SX command not removing high valued attribute in Linux.

  • 3908712
  • 06-Sep-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


There are times that the Novell Licensing Service can create high values within the attribute,NLS:Cert Peak Used Pool, when tracking license usage for servers. If these values are constantly being
updated high utilization can occur as these values are synchronized between servers. The easiest way to remove these values is the run the command " ndsrepair -R -Ad -sx "NLS:Cert Peak Used Pool"".
This removes the attribute, strips the values then adds the attribute back.


The Ndsrepair command line parser is not parsing this command line correctly due to the extra spaces in the attribute name.  It returns a " invalid attribute" error.


The workaround is to escape out the command. IE., " /root/testdsrepair/ndsrepair -R -Ad -sx"Network\ Address"" using the latest ndsrepair from the FTF.
This has been resolved in eDirectory version 8.7.3 SP10.