Smdrd no longer listens on port 40193 cluster smdr

  • 3906492
  • 07-Mar-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Linux OES2
Novell Clustering
SMS backups of cluster resources


Backing up cluster resources on Linux OES2 would work fine until a resource was migrated to another node in the cluster. Once that happened, the smdrd running on the target node would not be listening on port 40193 any longer.
netstat -a | grep smdrd
would show that the cluster resource would not be listening. The Linux host could still be backed up fine. This problem only affected the cluster resource vncp server. If smdrd was bounced at that point:
rcnovell-smdrd restart
then everything would work fine again, until the resource was migrated again to another node. A file descriptor was opened by NCS which caused smdrd to not get any further cluster events. To use this fix, first make a copy of the original in /opt/novell/lib and then copy the fixed file there. Restart smdrd with the command "rcnovell-smdrd restart"


03/07/2008 11:50 AM 6,154,375
This file is available from Novell support until it's released on the OES channel


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