Roaming Profiles are not being applied

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  • 18-Mar-2008
  • 11-Jul-2012


Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4
Roaming Profiles Policy
Microsoft Windows XP


Roaming Profiles are not being applied

Additional Information

This could be due to some configurations in the registry for slow link detection as well as the profile that is used by Windows. Check the following settings and change them to the following values if necessary:

HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ Current Version \ WinLogon

DWORD: ProfileDlgTimeOut = 0
DWORD: SlowLinkTimeOut = 0

Also add/change the following:

DWORD: SlowLinkTimeOut = 120000
DWORD: ChooseProfileDefault = 1
DWORD: SlowLinkProfileDefault = 1
DWORD: SlowLinkDetectEnabled = 0

This eliminates the prompt when XP "thinks" the profile will be slow to load. In fact, it turns off the slow detection and always loads the roaming profile.

Formerly known as TID# 10081438 NOVL88087