Deleting an IDM driver causes sync errors

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  • 14-May-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for Solaris
Novell eDirectory 8.8 for Windows 2003
eDirectory 8.8 in the replica ring of the IDM DriverSet, the replica ring can be pure eDirectory 8.8 or mixed.



eDirectory synchronization stops with an error number which is a large positive number, this is not consistent with any documented error number.

An example of the messages received, in ndstrace, on the server doing outbound synchronization:

OSync : Using Sync Point Type 2, for .DriverSet.novell.DEL_OBJ_TREE. to.SERVER2-NDS.server.novell.DEL_OBJ_TREE.
OSyncD : put value succeeded, .Transitive Vector.[AttributeDefinitions].[Schema Root] MTS [2006/08/25 15:22:57, 1, 1].
OSync : Sync - [00008057]<.DriverSet.novell.DEL_OBJ_TREE.> [2006/08/2511:51:36, 1, 1].
OSyncD : put value succeeded, .Obituary.[Attribute Definitions].[Schema Root]MTS [2006/08/25 15:22:53, 1, 66].
OSyncD : put value succeeded, .Obituary.[Attribute Definitions].[Schema Root]MTS [2006/08/25 15:22:53, 1, 67].
OSyncD : put value succeeded, .Obituary.[Attribute Definitions].[Schema Root]MTS [2006/08/25 15:22:53, 1, 68].
OSync : Sync - [00008315]<.Delimited Text.DriverSet.novell.DEL_OBJ_TREE.>[2006/08/25 15:22:25, 1, 1].
OSync : DCRequest failed, 130019064 (0x7bfeef8).
OSync : SYNC: Multiple packet Response for [00008315]<.DelimitedText.DriverSet.novell.DEL_OBJ_TREE.>, failed, 130019064 (0x7bfeef8)
OSync : Sync - objects: 2, total changes: 4, sent to server<.SERVER2-NDS.server.novell.DEL_OBJ_TREE.> for .DriverSet.novell.DEL_OBJ_TREE..
OSync : Sync - Process: Send updates to<.SERVER2-NDS.server.novell.DEL_OBJ_TREE.> for .DriverSet.novell.DEL_OBJ_TREE.failed, 130019064 (0x7bfeef8).

Workaround Steps:

Solaris or Linux: Start dstrace on the sending server with +sync +sydl +sklk filters enabled.
Windows: Start dstrace with Outbound Synchronization, Outbound Sync Detail
In this case the object causing the problem is DelimitedText.DriverSet.novell.DEL_OBJ_TREE.
Login to the receiving server with iManager and delete the driver there using the IDM plugin for iManager.
This process may have to be repeated for all eDirectory 8.8 servers in the replica ring.


This issue has been addressed in eDirectory 8.8.1 ftf2