How to install the API gateway from start to finish.

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  • 31-Jul-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise Gateway - 4.1 API Gateway for NLM
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The API gateway is a GroupWise 4x gateway which is still used to sync GroupWise and Exchange, and for other Admin tasks. This document is intended to help with what files you will need to install and how to install and configure the gateway correctly.


Files needed to install the API can be found at .
Snap-ins needed for NWadmin can be found at

Extract the install file GW41API2.EXE to the server. Next run Pinstall from the console. You will have the install path where you loaded the pinstall.nlm from. The Domain path which you will have to change to the location of your domain which will also change your gateway nlm location. Last you will have your Shared NLMs and load script which should be the same location (by default sys:system).
After installing the software it will create the api directory under wpgate but you will not have a object in Console One. Still using Console One (this is important) right click the domain which will own the API and create a new gateway, making sure it is a API gateway Version 4x and points to your API home directory.
Once the API is created go intoNWAdmin (this is important) with the API snapins to configure the gateway. In the details of the API required parameters tab change Addressing Format from GroupWise to Component if you are going to sync with Exchange. You will also need to change the Root directories from mapped drive syntax to UNC syntax.
Under the Optional Gateway Settings tab change the Directory Sync/Exchange option to Exchange.
To Patch with the FGWAPI5.EXE file extract the files and copy to the the DOMAIN\WPGATE\API and the SYS:SYSTEM. Before doing that make sure that NGWLIB.NLM is not loaded.
You are now ready to load the api gateway from the console, type:
ngwapi /ph=volume:\DOMAIN\WPGATE\API
NOTE* To have the API work with a Non GroupWise domain, the Domain version needs to be set to version 4x. The Non GroupWise Domain version can be seen and set in the properties of the Domain while in NwAdmin and the GroupWise view.