Unattended update to SLE 10 SP1 via local update mirror

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  • 01-Oct-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10


An enterprise is mirroring the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 updates from nu.novell.com to a local server using the yup package from the SUSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit 10.

This is described in Mirroring Update Servers and basically creates an update tree, which in-house hosts can then subscribe to updates from, instead of having to go to the external nu.novell.com update servers.

However the trigger patch (move-to-sle?10-sp1), which initiates the update to SLED/SLES 10 Service Pack 1, by design automatically subscribes the host to the update services at nu.novell.com.

This breaks the concept of having a local update mirror.


The newest versions of the yup package (eg. 232-2.2) include a sample script in /usr/share/doc/packages/yup/ named switch-enterprise-nu-mirror, which can be used to update hosts to SLE 10 SP1 without requiring manual intervention during the update (apart from a reboot at the end). Links to download version 232-2.2 of the yup package can be found in Recommended update for yup

There are three configurable parameters at the top of the script, but only one (UPDATE_ROOT) must be modified in order for the script to work.

$UPDATE_ROOT must be configured to reflect the URL of the top of your update repository tree,
eg. http://your.server.example.com/SLE10-YUP/

If the architecture is different from i586 or x86_64, you must set $ARCH.

In case the SUSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit 10 add-on product is installed and the host is subscribed to a mirror of the SDK updates, then change $SUBSCRIBED_TO_SDK_REPO to YES to have the SDK updated at the same token. It is assumed that updates for the SDK is a subtree created by yup and exist in the update repo tree of SLE (for naming reasons).

You can find more information about the procedure and the support status in the following Technical Information Document:
How to update to SLES/SLED 10 SP1

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