"Associate Objects" for a GW only User Deletes all user Data except Last Name

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  • 25-Oct-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7


After Converting a GroupWise only user (not an external entity and not an associated GW to eDir user) most of the populated fields are removed.
From the GW View | Right Click a GW only User object Populate the Properties for the GW User. Such as Given Name, Title, Dept, Phone, Fax, Descriptionetc.
Ok out of Properties. Right Click this same GW User object | GW Utilities | GW / eDir Association | Associate Objects Select "Create New eDirectory Object "username" in Context " | Choose the Browse Tree dialog and select a container this user does not exist in.
Choose OK.
Now this GW User object has been converted to a GroupWise External Entity. Right Click this External Entity object | Properties.
Notice all fields are now Blank except Last Name and Network Id.


This is fixed in the latest GroupWise Administration Snap-ins located
Look for GroupWise 7 SP1 C1 Snapins Hot Patch
This will also be available in the future release of GroupWise 7 SP2.

Additional Information

Grafting will convert the object to a full eDir user so if you intend to keep these as gw external entities, don't graft.