Installing iChain 2.3 on server with no Floppy Drive (HP G5)

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  • 03-Apr-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iChain 2.3


HP ProLiant DL380 G5 Server's only comes with a Floppy or a DVD drive, you can not have both. iChain was built on NW 6.0 sp5 and will never have USB support, so a USB floppy will not work. This TID will show you how to install needed raid drivers on newer boxes that do not have floppies.


Burn the needed drivers to a CD. Start the installation with the iChain CD. When it comes time to load the custom drivers, load the CD9660.NSS driver from the D:\nwserver directory. This will mount the iChain CD. Put the driver CD that has the NIC & Array Controller drivers on. When the CD is inserted NetWare will mount the CD. Tell it to look there for the drivers. When the drives are loaded for the storage, array & NIC, the server will restart. Before it completely restarts make sure you place the iChain 2.3 CD back into the CDROM. iChain 2.3 will boot back up and go through the custom driver installation again. The Storage & Array controller drivers will be discovered but when it gets to the NIC drives the boards will not be found. Go to the System Console and load the CD9660 driver from the D:\nwserver directory, so the NIC’s can be discovered. Before you press continue on the NIC driver option switch back to the System Console and unload the CD9660 driver and reinsert you iChain 2.3 CDROM. If you don’t unload the CD9660 driver the installation will fail. iChain 2.3 will complete it’s installation. Once the installation is complete the NIC drivers will still not be copied to the SYS:SYSTEM directory so when the iChain server restarts unlock the Proxy Console, and put it into debug mode so you can access the System Console. Once you are at the System Console load the CD9660 driver from the C:\nwserver directory and insert your CD that contains your drivers. Copy the NIC Drivers to the SYS:SYSTEM directory and then unload the CD9660 driver. You can now continue with the Configuration of your iChain 2.3 server.

Additional Information

This is not a supported way to install iChain but this TID is provided as a work around for new servers that do not come with floppy drives.