D101 when replicating shared address book to another post office.

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  • 11-Jan-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


GroupWise 7


The shared address book appears to be getting out of sync. New contacts added to the \shared address book never show up on the other post offices.
This happens when the user database in the sharer's post office has share information for users that no longer belong in the system. When a new contact is added to the book the POA on the post office that has the prime user database reports an error D101 (user not found). Removing the share will not correct this problem. The book must be deleted in order to remove the incorrect information in the sharer's user database.


This has been address in GroupWise 7 Support Pack 3 and newer versions.

Here were my steps:
1) Create new book with a new name ( I called my "Book 2").
2) Highlight the old book (Book 1) and select all addresses.
3) Drag all the addresses from the old book to the new book (this will copy them over to the new book).
4) Delete the old book (Book 1). This will prompt you to send a message out to the sharees that the book has been deleted.
5) Log out of GW and Log back in.
6) Rename the new book (Book 2) to the name of the old book (Book 1). Note: You will get a popup asking something about this address book already being in the registry. Say yes it's ok and move on.
7) Reshare the address book.
A defect has been logged with GroupWise development to allow this problem to be resolved by simply removing the shares on the address book.