Upgrading to eDirectory 8.5

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  • 28-Nov-2007
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NetWare 5
NDS 8.5


Upgrading to NDS 8.5
Upgrading to eDirectory 8.5


This TID is a guideline. The DS product changes with each version and some of the issues in this document may change or be invalidated by newer readme files which are released with new patches. This document is not a recipe to get the upgrade to work in 100% of cases. That is the case for all TID's.

This document summarizes the installation issues with eDir 8.5.
  • Downgrading to a previous NDS version- After installing DS 85.15 there is no downgrade path. (TID: 2959664, Internal)
  • The Installation Process- Do not install this patch on NetWare 5.x, IF you have DS 6, 7 or 8 on that server
  • Caching- The install script for this patch will remove all static cache settings to take advantage of the new dynamic cache algorithms. (TID: 2959664, Internal)
  • Service Pack Level- You must apply NW 5.0 sp6a or NW 5.1 sp2a before applying the latest patch. - Further you must have installed or upgraded to at least / minimum eDirectory 8.5.1 - DS.NLM 85.12a.
  • Installation Steps- Also documented in TID: 10061158 Perform these steps in this order…
  1. Upgrade to or Install NetWare 5.1 with DS 7 or DS 8
  2. Install the latest Service Pack
  3. Apply the Pre-migration eDirectory 8.5 files (TID: 2960568& 10065372) These steps are required before installing eDir 8.5 into an existing DS 6, 7, or 8 tree. The readme indicates that DSREPAIR should be used when specific issues are seen in NDS.
  4. Install eDir 85 International Version which is DS 8.5.1 ( https://www.novell.com/products/nds/evaluation.html )
  5. Apply the latest DS patch
  • DS Changes- Details in"eDirectoy 85.20 Field Test” (TID: 2960192, Internal) or in the latest Field Test readme file found at https://support.novell.com/filefinder , search for DS.NLM
  • Schema changes added- Added the attributes indexdefinition and languageid. These are used on the Pseudo Server and NCP Server objects.
  • Known issues when deploying DS 85.xx- Where TID numbers are provided, these TID’s must be read and understood to correctly troubleshoot the issue. TID’s are only valid for the specific issue they address. There may be more than one solution to a problem, the TID may only provide one solution, but that may not be the best way to resolve that issue. The TID not necessarily kept up to date when new information comes to light. Understanding the problem and all possible resolutions to that problem is the only way to choose the best solution.
-- After the installation of DS 85.x, errors may be observed in the LIMBER process on the DSTRACE screen. Symptom of the issue: CheckServerDBLanguage (-602) The attribute "languageid" should be added to the Pseudo Server. DS.NLM checks to see if the Pseudo Server has the "languageid" set, if so, it is then added to the server object. If it is not on the Pseudo Server object then reads it from SMI. Once it has been added to the Server Object it is synchronized out. Since the attribute value is reported as missing, perhaps the schema has not been extended, which prevented this attributes value from being added to the Pseudo Server or SMI.

-- Directory Services upgrade to eDirectory 8.5 Symptom of the issue: Directory Services upgrade to eDirectory 8.5 (DS.NLM 85.01r or greater) fails with synchronization error.

-- Error: -613 0xFFFFFD9B = ERR_SYNTAX_VIOLATION Error: -613 in object synch to a server running DS 85.01r or greater. The schema attributes creatorsName and modifiersName have the syntax of SYN_DIST_NAME. CreatorsName and\or ModifiersName attributes on an object have a truncated values: instead of .cn=[user].o=[organization], the value would have garbage characters, ie ****#$%, etc.

-- Error: -722 0xFFFFFD2E = ERR_OP_SCHEMA_MISMATCH Error occurs on a server receiving a replica of a partition of which an eDirectory 8.5 server holds a copy OR did hold a copy of at some time. Error is observed during schema synch. Schema error -722 when installing or upgrading NetWare 5 server with NDS 8.x into existing NDS tree (TID: 10015062) Symptom of the issue: Error: -722 0xFFFFFD2E = ERR_OP_SCHEMA_MISMATCH The error is seen in Schema sync on the DSTRACE screen on the Master of the ROOT replica

-- A -604 error is seen in Report Sync status and on the DSTRACE screen. A replica is stuck in the "Transition On" state on a NW5 server

-- NTREND.NLM causes memory leak in DS 8.5 (TID: 10060885) Symptom of issue: Constant memory loss in DS.NLM causes server to be rebooted every 3 days with short-term alloc error messages. (TID: 1006101, Internal. DS.NLM causing memory leak)

-- DSRepair v85.10 abends the server (TID: 1006269) Symptom of the issue: When running dsrepairs, single object repair, full unattended or local database repair, the server abends. This problem can occur on different objects each time a repair is run.

-- Internal. SF_OPERATIONAL flag inconsistency's among Servers Attributes (TID: 10060855) Symptom of issue: Rebuild Operational Schema adds the SF_Operational flag, when it is synchronised out it gets stripped off. This issue does not have any negative effects. Apparently the SF_OPERATIONAL flag is not used in eDir 8.5.

-- Error -603 in Limber process with eDir 8.5 (TID: 10060099) Do not create an object just to get rid of this error or you could adversely affect DS performance on that server. This error is informational only. It only signifies that NDS Predicate Information is not being gathered on that particular server. Could not read predicate stats DN. Error: failed, no .such attribute –603. (TID: 10062798)

-- Index Manager failed, illegal attribute –608 in Limber process. (TID: 10062797) Symptom of issue: The error is reported by the LIMBER process, on the DSTRACE screen.

-- An error -618 reported by the Limber Process Caused by a Server upgrade not completing correctly and the index attribute not being present on the server object. Future versions of DSRepair should fix this.

-- Can't upgrade from NW5 NDS 8.5 (TAO) to NW5.1 (TID: 10062971, Internal) Symptom of issue: Error: "DSLOADER is a different version of NDS" Can't upgrade from NW5 NDS 8.5 (TAO) to NW5.1 NDS 8.

-- DS 85.xx - New Schema Epoch -Error -659 (TID: 10058527) Symptom of issue: Schema Epoch Generates –659 & -664 schema sync errors Error -659 ERR_TIME_NOT_SYNCHRONIZED. Error: 664 -664 0xFFFFFD68 = ERR_OLD_EPOCH

-- Concurrent connections allows only 1 less then the max concurrent connections. (TID: 10061829) Symptom of issue: If admin sets the max concurrent connections to 1, the user will not be able to login and will get the message that they are logged into too many workstations simultaneously.

-- Network Address in NDS Preventing User Login (TID: 10013574) Symptom of issue: Network Address in NDS Preventing User Login A user object's Network Address attribute contains one or more network addresses (network:node:socket). Even though a user is not logged in to the NDS tree, the user object still shows a value for the Network Address property. A user's Network Address property can be viewed in NETADMIN or NWADMIN Environment page. This issue occurred with client version before Client 3.1 and some DS versions. There were multiple causes. This issue appears to be logged as DEFECT 256714. We are still awaiting a resolution. .

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