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  • 11-Jan-2008
  • 25-May-2012


Novell GroupWise 5.5


Error occurs on the POA.
Users can't get into GroupWise in client/server mode.
The problem is intermittent.
Clients get disconnected from the server.
Error: D909.


Increase the number of "Maximum Application Connections" in the POA startup file or from NWAdmin.

Max App Connections = 4 per user (default = 2048)
Application connections are virtual connections. They are the work horse for the IP traffic between client and POA. As new communication between client and POA is required, a new application connection will be spawned. After 5 seconds of no use, the application connection will time out and terminate. An average user will use approximately 4 connections per session at any one time. Each connection takes up about 8 K of memory. When application connections hit the maximum, the oldest connection is bumped to take care of the request of the new ones. If that old one was still in use, the client will request a new one, thus causing a vicious circle. If users complain of speed, this setting may be too low.

Max Physical Connections = 1 per user (default 512)
There must be a physical connection created in order to generate application connections. A user can have multiple physical connections. In general one physical connection per user is sufficient because not all users are going to active at one time. If GroupWise hits the maximum physical connections, the user will receive an error that they can not connect to GroupWise at that time. Increasing the maximum connections for physical as well as application does not pre-allocate memory. The settings are there to protect GroupWise from accessing too many resources on the server.

For more information on GroupWise settings refer to the solution"GW Sizing Recommendations (scalability)."

Additional Information

User connections exceeded the default of 2048.

Note: "Maximum Application Connections" means how many GroupWise applications can connect to the POA at one time. GroupWise applications include GroupWise Mail, Notify, Conversation Place, Address book, etc. "Maximum Physical Connections" means how many users can use the GroupWise client.

Formerly known as TID# 10024251