Cannot install driver for HP LaserJet 4200 PCL 5e

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  • 03-Mar-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


Trying to install the driver for HP LaserJet 4200 PCL 5e
ERROR:"Printer driver installation failed for HP LaserJet 4200 PCL 5e. Check if provided drivers inf file is in proper format" is shown in zmd-messages.log and the driver is not installed.


This version of the driver cannot be installed via a policy, but a possible workaround is to run the install as a bundle..

Additional Information

The problem is that the driver will not install in quiet mode. Looking at a trace it can be seen that the command used is similar to this:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe printui,PrintUIEntry /ia /m "HP LaserJet 4200 PCL 5e" /f "D:\Drivers\Printers\lj4200pcl5winvista2kxp2003\hpc4200b.inf" /q
and the install does not work with the /q switch (details of using printui.dll to install printers can be found on Microsoft's web site). HP have been informed of this issue.
It is essential that driver installs be "non-interactive and silent" as described in section 2.4 "Printer Policy" in the"ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Policy Management Reference", found at

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