Setting up Dreamweaver to work with exteNd Content Management and WebDAV

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  • 07-Sep-2006
  • 16-Mar-2012


Novell exteNd Director 5.2.1
Novell exteNd Director 5.2


Check-in and Check-out do not work when accessing the exteNd Content Management
data via WebDAV


Please follow the DreamWeaver documentation on how to set up a remote WebDAV connection
under DreamWeaver. This TID is meant for those using it with exteNd.
DreamWeaver has a special tab for setting up the connection parameters to connect
to a remote WebDAV site. The tab is Remote Info.
1. Click on the Settings button.
You will be presented wtih 4 fields to enter in data.
2. For the URL, enter the WebDAV location that points to the portal you are going
to use. In this example we will assume ExpressPortal
3. For UserName this would be the user who has access to the Content Management
data, as well as the one who logs into the portal. We will assume admin.
UserName: admin
4. For Password, this is the password to the UserName
Password: *****
4. The next field is the key to gettign this to work. Especially if you are using the LDAP Realm.
In this example we area logging in as admin. However the fully quallified name is
cn=Admin,o=Novell. So the email filed MUST be the fully qualified name of the user
Email: cn=Admin, o=Novell
5. Save this setting and retry checking in/out.
If the problem persitsts, please call Novell Technical Support