Howto retrieve the SAML 1.1 Source ID for the Novell IDP server

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  • 03-Sep-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Management 3 Linux Novell Identity Server
Novell Access Manager 3 IDP acting as SAML 1.1 Identity Provider (IDP)
3rd party SAML 1.1 Service Provider (SP)


The Novell IDP does not provide the SAML 1.1 Source ID required to configure the 3rd party SP


The Source ID can be generated by calculating the SHA-1 hash over the Novell IDP EntityDescriptor entityID which can be retrieved from the SAML metadata URL: "http://[IDP IPAddress]/nidp/saml/metadata". There are several tools available like the "CrypTool" available at: :" which will allow you to generate the SHA-1 either Hex or Base64 encoded


  • entityID=""
  • Source ID in Hex = SHA1 hash generated from [] => [E8 88 85 A9 F2 19 70 A9 41 0A C0 78 B4 62 9F 8B 6A 77 93 E1] Hex
  • Source ID in Base64 = [E8 88 85 A9 F2 19 70 A9 41 0A C0 78 B4 62 9F 8B 6A 77 93 E1] Hex => [U55a5OGbpfhXBBef6ZLKupA1Ml0=] base64


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Additional Information

Source ID:
A 20-byte value that is used as part of the Browser/Artifact profile. It allows the receiving site to determine the source of received SAML Artifacts.
In most cases, the Source ID can be auto-generated using a SHA-1 hash of the Site ID.