Using multiple domain names without Internet Addressing Feature enabled

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  • 25-Jan-2008
  • 28-May-2012


Novell GroupWise 6.5

Novell GroupWise Internet Agent 6.5 (GWIA)


GWIA reply''Will not relay"

GWIA replywith wrong message

Using multiple domain names without Internet Addressing Feature enabled


In order to have the proper behavior of the GWIA for existing/non existing users and defined/undefined domain names, you have to do the following:

Enable and configure properly the Internet Addressing feature of GroupWise.


Use only SPACE as separators into the Foreign Id field; or, if more than 255 characters are needed to list all the domain names, then:

  1. Create a Text file called FRGNAMES.CFG in the home directory of the GWIA (Default: DOMAIN\WPGATE\GWIA);
  2. Into the newly created file, add each domain name on a line by itself
  3. Leave the last line of the file, BLANK
  4. Leave the Foreign Id field, in the GWIA properties, empty
  5. Unload and reload the GWIA, verifying that when the gateway starts up, in the console all the correct domain names are listed after ''Foreign Name = ''

Additional Information

When multiples domain are used and Internet Addressing feature has been disabled, the domain names should be included into the field''Foreign ID'' in the properties of the GWIA object in ConsoleOne, under the Tab ''GroupWise - Identification''.

In order to use multiple domain names into the foreign Id field, the SPACE must be used as a separator between each name, any other separator will not work properly.

The Foreign Id field has a limit of 255 character, any domain name listed that exceed the limit, even for a single character, will not be recognized by the system.

Normally, if an Email is received for a deleted/non existing user, the GWIA should Reply ''Recipient unknown'' ; while if an Email for a domain not recognized by the GWIA is received, and prevent relay is selected, then the reply should be ''Will not Relay''.

What happens when Internet Addressing is disabled, and aliases including the domain names are used, is that GWIA will process the received emails for the domains used in the defined aliases, even if the domain names are not included into the Foreign Id field in the gateway properties.

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